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Music will be uploaded and added to this area. Music will be made available in either native tracker format or MP3 (depending on how I'm feeling). Click on the filename to download. Check back for updates. Also keep an eye on buzzmusic for some of my latest releases.




Jedi Mind Tricks (feat. Kool G Rap) - Animal Rap (Rorschach's Clichéd Dark Side Remix)


The first draft of the first track of my as yet unamed first EP. This track is clichéd as hell, but strangely satisfying at the same time. This draft was thrown together in a couple of hours one night. There are still some changes and mastering to be done, but the structure is pretty much all there.

Rorschach - The Hymn Compo #6 Entry


The MP3 version of my entry for THC#6. This tune was old skool inspired, partly because of the samples we were given. Unfortunately I only came 10th here, but I still quite like this one. For the bmx version, download the voting pack here, my entry is the file "06.bmx".

Rorschach - The Hymn Compo #5 Entry


The MP3 version of my entry for THC#5. This chiptune song came third. For the bmx version, download the voting pack here, my entry is the file "08.bmx".

Rorschach - ED-2020


I developed my Early Doors(v1.0a) tune a little more, This is the MP3 version for all you non-buzzers to enjoy.

ladproject-a long travel (Rorschach's dnb remix)


This as a dnb remix of a laid back lounging tune done by ladproject which I liked. Be sure to check out the original too, you'll find it linked to this file on buzzmusic.

Rorschach - Early Doors (v1.0a)


More breakbeat for you, and I think this one DOES have potential. The intro isn't really an intro, I've just left it there as a kind of reminder to me as to what I want to do with it... This one is definately along more of the "pumping" lines. Hopefully I can work some builds and more drum variations into it.

Rorschach - Krakyo


A start of a breakbeat theme that needs developing. To be honest, I've got bored of this track very quickly, so I'll probably go no further.

Rorschach - A Song For Today


I Wrote this yesterday, so I suppose it's a song for yesterday. A Breakbeat tune with a nice simple electric piano melody

Rorschach - Omni Trio - Thru the Vibe (rorschach's let's learn jungle remix)


I started this remix to help learn some old skool jungle styles. It's not meant to be a direct copy of the original, so I wasn't concentrating on getting the sounds spot on or even close in some places (even the chord progression is wrong!). I got as far as I wanted with this, before starting to develop ideas I was learning into my own stuff.

Rorschach - Lost Night


Just a little trancey track i threw together the other night...

Rorschach - Theoretical Monopoly (work in progress mix)


A Jungle track that's been sitting around my harddisk for a while. This is very much work in progress.

Analog Café - Dawn Chorus (when things were good mix)


analog café are here, the UK South-Central Collaboration project. Dawn Chorus is the first Buzz release and is an in your face reminder of when things were good. When music was music. When it was 1993 and the biggest thing to hit the clubs was breakcore.... analog café style!!!

Rorschach - New Breed


The final version is here!! Well, about as final as it's going to get, because I have heard this song enough already. In MP3 format, to reach the maximum audience, but send me an email if you want the bmx

Jedi Mind Tricks - Animal Rap (rorschach boredom mix)


A kind of 'electro-hip-hop' remix I was working on, before the CD-RW it was on corrupted :( I was hoping to take this further, because it's a little short at the moment. I may start over, but I've got to cut the acapella up again..... so we'll see.

Rorschach - New Breed (version 2 alpha)


Almost IDM, but not quite I guess. Simple melody and b-line, slightly more chaotic beats. This version is alpha, so expect updates....

Rorschach - too cool for the old skool (CyanPhase-Demo of TouchWah and Smooth Overdrive-the rorschach dirty treatment remix)


Just a silly little remix that I'm not going to do anything else with, so i thought i might as well upload it.

Rorschach - 21st Century Junky (early draft)


This is just a first draft I whipped together one evening, but I've already heard it so many times I'm not sure if I should finish it or not, so let me know what you think! It's kind of in the DnB/Jungle mould, but due to my own limitations and my constant search for something different, it doesn't strictly fit the sound. Oh and big up to Zephod! Void Bass rocks the known universe!

Rorschach vs Whytesnake - Stamp your head


This tune is up as a test to make sure downloads work. To be honest I hate this tune, and I can do far better, but it has some interesting ideas that could be expanded on.

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