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Analog Café made it's first sound! If you're reading this and you're not Analog Café, feck orf, you're not welcome here....

Anyway, here are the first sounds of Analog Café, pretty shite at the moment to be honest. I've uploaded the first track we did at mine as well, because I've pulled out the 909, made my own drum loop, sampled it, and and just generally chopped it up to show that the drums you use do matter (godammit!), although that said the drums I've done are pretty crap. And I just added a 303, I wasn't going to stick with a 303, but I haven't spent a lot of time on it... so it's not great, but has potential. Oh, and this probably won't work on your house computer, but the MP3's are just small enough to fit on a disk!

Beltch Shoeshine - Original (0:38) (bmx)

Beltch Shoeshine - Extended (1:13) (bmx)

Beltch Shoeshine - Original (0:40) (mp3)

Beltch Shoeshine - Extended (1:15) (mp3)