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22-01-2005 - I'm taking a new direction... I'm going Hip-Hop! The few tracks in this style I've done have been pretty well received so I'm now working on my first EP. I've uploaded a first draft of Animal Rap (rorschach's clichéd dark side remix) to the music section. I still have a bit of work to do on this track, but the basic structure is all there. This is also the first track I've written that's going to get dropped in a club, something I can't wait for, so these are exciting times! Pick it up in the music section.

16-01-2005 - Another Year, and things have been pretty quiet on the music front, with inspiration lacking a little. However, there are a couple of new releases from my entries in to the Buzz Church Hymn Compo. If you're a Buzzer, check out The Hymn Compo at Buzz Church, as it's a good way to learn new techniques and about the many different machines in Buzz. The first compo I entered was quite limited as we were basically given a load of chip samples and a tracker, I came third in this one, which I was pretty pleased with ;) I didn't perform so well in the second one unfortunately, with my old skool inspired entry coming 10th from 12, but I can take heart from the fact that the competition was pretty damn strong! The tunes are available in both BMX and MP3 format, and as always are available in the music section.

14-07-2004 - Oh look! It's another news item. I wonder what this could be about? Yes, two more releases for you lucky lucky people. The first is a Rorschach remix of a ladproject track. This one has a nice laidback jazzy feel to it, mostly thanks to and inspired by the original (be sure to check that out). The second is a developed MP3 version of a previously uploaded Rorschach tune. Guess where you'll find them, I bet you can't? Yup, go to the music section.

11-05-2004 - Two breakbeat tracks, Krayko and Early Doors (v1.0a) added to the music section by Rorschach.

11-05-2004 - Rorschach takes part in a couple of jams on BuzzMusic. Respect goes out to thOke who always tries to get these things going, and it's just such a shame not more people take part as it's a great way to learn and develop ideas. The two tracks: How Are You Feleing Today 03 and Chain Song in E minor have now been removed from the buzzmusic website. You gotta be quick!

02-05-2004 - A couple of jungle tracks and a trancey number uploaded by Rorschach to the music section. All in native Buzz format, so if you want to play these files, go get Buzz here. As always, pick up the tracks from the music page.

05-04-2004 - Analog Café joins Raw Shark Records! Raw Shark Records are proud to introduce Analog Café, a collaboration between a new buzzer and a slightly older hand. We expect big things from these guys, and their first release can already be found in the music section here at Raw Shark Records. Expect more information about Analog Café soon, and hopefully we'll see a steady production line of tunes being churned out. As always, pick this, and the new Rorschach release up here.

03-03-2004 - Links added to BuzzMusic latest uploads on the main pages. 3 more tunes added to music section. Pick the files up here.

18-04-2003 - Rorschach adds 21st Century Junky (early draft) to the music section. Just an early draft of a tune I threw together last night. It actually started from my loop fx review for and grew from there. It's an early stab at a tune with a kind of DnB/Jungle type feel. I'm not yet sure whether I should finish it, so currently there is no intro or outro and it's a bit lacking in layering in parts. As with all my tunes if you want to jam on this, remix or generally jast pull it apart, drop me an email here or leave me a message on the buzzmachines message board and I'll send you the bmx. Pick the file up here.

17-04-2003 - Started work on the music section, adding a couple of songs to test internal and external linking. They seem to work fine at the moment. Looking to get some more songs added at the weekend.

15-04-2003 - Slight site update, added a few graphics. Maybe one day I'll get some music and content on here!

12-04-2003 - Rorschach adds Loop fx.bmx to the reviews section. This review demonstrates various ideas you can use to get new life out of an old drum loop. Click here to pick it up from the reviews section of

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